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Leopallooza Tree Line Dance Arena 2013

We have just completed a very successful weekend at Leopallooza supplying the total technical production of the Tree Line Dance Arena. Once again a large Saddle Span structure was used for the Arena which works really well with its open front allowing us to project lasers out into the surrounding area and trees to great effect. Three days / nights of top DJ’s playing a wide variety of styles saw the Arena busy pretty much constantly throughout the whole festival which drew record crowds this year with Bastille headlining on Saturday night on the main stage.

Once again we used the KV2 Audio double ES rig but this year added a pair of awesome KV2 Audio VHD21.2 double 21″ subs and associated amplification to devastating effect: the sub bass could be heard all over the site and made a massive difference to the overall sound in the Arena. DJ and stage monitoring was handled by 4 x KV2 Audio EX12 active boxes making the entire system exclusively KV2 once again. A small format Allen & Heath FOH mixer kept everything under control with no further processing required thanks to KV2’s amplifier arrangement with all crossovers, limiters and delays built in. DJ performance playback was handled by a pair of Pioneer CDJ2000’s with a DJM850 mixer, a pair of CDJ900’s with a DJM700 mixer plus a pair of Technics SL1210’s. The various DJ’s & acts turned up with just about every possible format across the weekend such as memory sticks, CD’s, vinyl (real records!), Serato & Traktor boxes and various controllers.

Lighting was mounted on a ground support rectangular truss structure spanning the 5m square stage along with a backdrop and pair of wings. Lighting kit included 8 x Martin Scanners, 6 x Robe moving heads, 6 x Tri colour LED moving heads, 4 x Martin Flower effects, 2 x Martin Atomic strobes, some LED Parcans, 2 x high power smoke machines and 1 x Haze machine. Also used as a backdrop was our LED video batten system running from Arkaos. We also had use of a Christie projector which was ran independently for some acts and then ran from the Arkaos system for other acts. Lighting control was handled by our ageing Zero88 Leap Frog which was on its last outing before being replaced!

This is the third year we have been involved in the festival and we hope to continue to be a part of the team. I also played the opening set on Saturday which was great and I hope to be able to play again next year. Leopallooza is a great festival, if you were there, you already know that. If you were not…be sure to get your tickets for next year.

Dave Monk.


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