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Simon’s Festival Update:

Simon’s Festival Update:

Where did the summer go? Was there a summer? It seemed to disappear in a flash as we dashed around the South West setting up kit here and removing it from there.

We had an extremely successful summer of events. Our annual trip down to Falmouth for the “Henri Lloyd Falmouth Week” regatta where we provide power distribution, stage, truss, lighting & sound ran seamlessly.

A new festival on the calendar for us was Leopallooza at Week St. Mary near Bude where we provided sound and lights for the dance arena was fantastic: check out the gallery pictures and videos, what a light show and the sound was awesome. We used a double KV2 Audio ES rig for the first time and the light show featured a pair of 2.2w full colour lasers amongst our usual effects.

We then moved on to the Torquay Festival at the beginning of September where we were responsible for the audio on 4 stages situated in different areas around the town centre across the weekend. All four stages used Allen & Heath mixing consoles and KV2 Audio speakers throughout. This was the first Torquay Festival and was a great success and is due to take place again next year. Credit must go to the organisers of the entertainment: Rick & Shelly Worthy of Born Hectic Events.

We will be back in Torquay Torquay at the beginning of November for the Torquay Blues Festival. This is to be closely followed by the Celtic Beer Festival at St Austell Brewery’s headquaters. Believe me when I say this is no ordinary beer festival, this is literally “A p#@s up in a brewery.” If you are into live music and real ale, I strongly recommend you try this festival. This is probably our favourite gig of the year with 11 bands over 12 hours of general mayhem with a crowd of over 1000 in the basement loading bays of the Brewery!

So you can see, even when the nights start to draw in and it gets too cold to camp, festivals continue in their various forms and good times are to be found to brighten up the winter months.

No rest for us, just a quick breather to test and prep equipment before the next run of events.


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