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Vybz Nightclub, Plymouth (formerly 45 Degrees)

Following a fire at the original Bar 45 Degress in Union street, Plymouth earlier in year, a full refurbishment has recently been completed and “Vybz Nightclub” has been launched.

All the original equipment was lost to the fire so a complete sound & lighting installation was required. The new system was designed around the original specification with some significant updates being made to the lighting system throughout the venue. Luckily the innovative stainless steel & LED main bar structure was saved and remains the focal point of the venue.

A KV2 Audio EX series system has been designed and installed to provide outstanding sound quality and high SPLs throughout the venue. The system consists of a pair of EX12 active top boxes over the main dance floor along with a pair of EX2.2 active subwoofers positioned under the stage. Three further EX12 delay boxes provide sound reinforcement throughout the rest of the venue. The system is controlled via an Allen & Heath iDR8 DSP unit. DJ playback is provided by a pair of Pioneer CDJ900 media players and a Pioneer DJM700 mixer. DJ monitoring is amply covered by a single dB Technologies Flexsys F10 active monitor.

The lighting specification has been considerably improved from the original installation. Four Martin Mania discharge scanners are mounted on a lighting bar above the far end of the dance floor and project fat scanning beams through the whole length of the venue. Also mounted on the bar is a pair of high power LED UV floods which fade, dim & strobe to create totally new UV lighting effects. A pair of high power LED “Derby” type effects create pin sharp, moving beams from either side of the DJ box. Four traditional halogen flower effects fire straight onto the dance floor, one from each corner. A 500mW red and blue laser creates dynamic effects and patterns from above the DJ box. Finally, eight LED pixel bars are mounted on the wall behind the DJ and create and extremely effective backdrop to the venue. The bars are pixel mapped to fully exploit the capabilities of the Showcad control system which runs on a touch screen PC in the DJ box. Showcad also controls the architectural lighting throughout the venue and also the RGB colour mixing LEDs in the main bar structure.

We also handled the design and installation of plasma display system and also the CCTV system.

Dave Monk.

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