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St. Austell Brewery’s Celtic Beer Festival 2011

Saturday 26th November 2011 saw the 13th annual Celtic Beer Festival at St. Austell Brewery’s headquaters. Once again, we were very happy to be asked to provide the technical production required for the event. The event ran from mid day through to 11pm with a total of nine acts ranging from solo performers up to an eight peice sould band. Over 3000 people attended the event which makes it the busiest yet!

Audio was catered for with one of our KV2 Audio ES systems along with our Allen & Heath iLIVE T112 & iDR48 system with stage monitoring being handled by our 10 way L’Acoustics 12XT system.

Lighting consisted of a ground supported truss box over the stage filled with a full range of fixtures including: 24 x PAR64 cans, 4 x RGB colour changers, 8 x High power Tri colour LED spots, 4 x Robe MS250 zoomspot moving heads, 4 x Martin SCX600 scanners, 4 x Martin EGOX4 flowers, 1 x Martin Atomic 3000 strobe, 1 x Martin Magnum 200 smoke machine, 1 x Jem 247 haze machine, Zero88 dimmers all being controlled from the Martin Lighjockey system linked to a Zero88 Jester ML24 control desk.

This was also the first time we used our new DMT Pixel Strip LED batten video system which looked fantastic accross the back of the stage. The sysetm consists of sixteen 1m battens along with the power supply / distribution unit and utilises the new Arkaos KlingNet mapping system in conjunction with Arkaos MediaMaster software. See the videos and seperate post for more details of the system.

The event was a great success and ran without a technical hitch, when it was all over we finally managed to sample what was left (which was not much) of the 150+ ales which had been available throughout the day!



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