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New Projector & Screen for Plymouth Church

CAS> were recently contracted to supply and install a new projector and screen into Sherwell Church in Plymouth.  The current arrangement of a single projector and screen at the front of the Church was to be augmented by a second projector and screen at the rear of the church.

The addition of the second screen was to enable the choir, seated at the front of the church, to view the same content as the rest of the congregation with ease.

An NEC projector was chosen to match the existing unit to ensure continuity in control of the system.  The projector was installed and fixed using industry standard Unicol suspension systems from the vaulted ceiling and a 1.8 mtr wide, electrically operated projector screen was installed on the rear wall of the church so that it could be clearly seen by the choir.  All cabling was installed utilising the roof space and existing containment to maintain the aesthetics of the church.




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