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The Allen & Heath, Technical, Non Technical Solution

Often, operators or users of audio systems in buildings like churches and community centres don’t have a technical background and “just want the system to work!”.

The Allen & Heath IDR installation series provided the core of this system and it was specifically designed to be used by the non technical operator.  Using these Allen & Heath components, the technical aspect, i.e. the programming of the system and its optimisation, can be done by experienced technicians (thats us) and functionality can be locked out to the end user and reduced to a simple operation like a volume level if so required.

This particular system was for use in a church and had to encompass CD playback, DVD Playback, Lapel and Handheld radio microphones, Ipod playback, and occasional use for band members to play through.

An Allen & Heath IDR4 and IDRin were specified to receive all the relevant inputs which also included the Main outputs of an Allen & Heath Zed 18 mixer for bands to use.  As the previous system was often available to other non technical operators, the consistency of the previous systems performance was often compromised as settings were often changed, resulting in poor performance of the equipment and an unsatisfactory listening experience for the congregation.

In the new system we provided, all parameters are locked out to the end user except those we made available on the Allen & Heath PL6 Controller. On the PL6 controller each stereo pairs of inputs (CD, DVD etc) and mono inputs (Radio Microphones) has a dedicated volume fader and Mute function.  There is also a designated Master fader.

This method results in an extremely consistent sound experience whereby the settings are exactly the same every time the system is turned on and the operator is free to adjust the volume levels on the PL6 controller and leave the IDR to do the sound engineering.

A technical solution for the non technical operator.


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