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New K Array System

We recently took delivery of a new K Array KR200 system to fulfil an increasing need for a powerful yet visually low profile audio system.

The K Array system gets more than a few interesting looks which quickly turn to very interested looks once they actually hear what the system can do. ┬áThe 18″ Subs each contain 2 x 1000 watt amplifier channels, one to feed the Subs and one to feed the Mid/High Arrays.

This system is an excellent choice for events where the visual impact of the audio system is to be kept to a minimum and audio clarity and power are essential.

To help demonstrate its versatility we have recently used this system for acoustic gigs, conferences and as reinforcement for a 20 piece Orchestra with a 40 piece Choir, all delivered with exceptionally high quality.

Come and check it out at our showroom to hear what it can do.


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